Time is moving on! It’s the last day of the year 2015. We are now at the doorstep of a New Year 2016. If we look back, it seems , it was just yesterday that we celebrated the beginning of the year 2015. How time flies! For people who are busy, who are active and have full schedule, time really seem to fly quickly. But for those who are waiting for something or someone, for the sick or infirm, for the jobless and homeless, and even for the prisoners and those in the war zones, time might be too slow for them. How we look at time, how we experience it, depends on what side of the coin we are. Whatever our position is, let us not forget that time is a gift from God. Let us put in God’s hands the time that we received from him. If we walk with God every moment of our day, time will bring us to our destiny. Time is God’s and so are we!

Time! How precious you are. May we use you wisely and may we learn from you patience and perseverance. You move with regularity, with calmness and ease. You never hurry, nor do you get perturbed and confused, unless, of course, when the body you occupy – a watch or a clock is out of order – but you yourself keep going on your way. The physical body that you occupy may get destroyed or may rust and be good for nothing; you, on the other hand, continue to move on. You have a purpose, you have a goal…May we learn from the way you “live”: with purpose, with determination, with patience and perseverance – no matter what. And when the time comes for us to leave this physical body that our soul occupies, may we continue to move on to our last and eternal destination – in the next life where time becomes eternity!