Who does not love St. Joseph? Religious and priests have a great devotion to St. Joseph, and so do many faithful Catholics. He is the silent Saint, did not say a word in the Gospel, and worked and lived quietly with Jesus and Mary – and yet, the Church declared him Patron of the Universal Church!

The Church celebrates his feast with great solemnity on March 19 as Spouse of the Virgin Mary. Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, speaks so well of St. Joseph. Here is his video. Let us listen and be encouraged to approach St. Joseph in all our needs. St. Teresa of Avila once said that she prays to St. Joseph for everything, and he has never disappointed her. He has obtained for her all that she asked him in prayer. Let us get to know him more and love St. Joseph as we ought. He will also help us grow in our interior life and assist us in our spiritual battle.

We can learn so much from him, and we can also count on his prayers and intercession. He is a Saint of ALL cases! We can go to him for any intention we have in our hearts. He is so near and powerful to Jesus and Mary, and he will show us that his goodness equals his power.

May St. Joseph intercede for us and obtain for us the graces for which we ask our God.