Sister's remains in the chapel just before Holy Mass

Sister’s remains in the chapel just before Holy Mass

Leave-taking. In German it is “Abschiednehmen” which simply means “goodbye.”

Life indeed is a welcome and goodbye. Just as we were welcoming the new born King, our God-with-us, the Immanuel, we bade farewell to our Sister who was called by God into eternity last December 22. Today, December 28, we accompanied her to her last resting place here on earth. Because of Christmas holidays and because we waited for her family to come, we have scheduled her funeral today. There were at least eight members of her family and some of our friends who attended the Requiem Mass. Afterwards, the visitors accompanied her remains to our cemetery across our street, while we, on the other hand, pass through the tunnel in our garden to join them on the other side. It was very solemn and very moving. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It’s like as if the heavens opened to welcome our Sister. She is now at peace. After 88 years of life here on earth she now finally reached her true homeland.

The homily was touching, with Fr. Egide Muziazia SVD thanking God for the gift of Sister to our community and to the whole Church and to the world as well. Her love, her hidden life and faithful following of her Crucified Lord had not been in vain. Everything bore fruit and will continue to bear fruit in eternity. Only God knows what good all her offerings and sacrifices brought to many people, including her own family who had so generously given her to God’s service; and we can be sure, that even more now, she is praying for us and for the needs of all.