When I was a young sister, I read a small book entitled: The Miracle of Thanksgiving. I could not remember the author’s name, but this little book taught me a lesson that I carry with me up to this present time: that gratitude works wonders. And especially when the “thank you” is directed to our Lord, whatever the situation may be, wherever one finds oneself, etc. I am convinced that the attitude of being grateful even to the smallest blessing, even a blessing in disguise like sufferings, problems, loss, hurt, pain, or whatnot, has brought wonders in my life. Since I have read this book, I made it a point to say “thank you, Lord” for everything – whatever it may be. It has helped me face trials bravely, it has helped me see God’s goodness around me, and it has seen me through tough and trying days. It has helped me be more positive as I go through life. It has brought me closer to the Heart of our Father, who wants only the best for us and nothing less. It has increased my faith and trust in God.

Did you know that being grateful attracts more blessing? It is true. The more grateful you are for a little gift, the happier the Giver, and therefore, the more the Giver gives. It is the same with God. If He sees that we are grateful and we use His gifts or respond rightly to His providence, He gives more. Gratitude makes us generous. And God cannot be outdone in generosity.

More importantly, since we believe and receive the Eucharist, and Eucharist means “Thanksgiving,” is it not just proper that we, too, become “thanksgiving people?” Receiving our Lord in the Eucharist and hoping to become like Him in the process will be the greatest miracle in our life. Becoming the Giver is the best “thanks” we could ever give Him back!

Perhaps this YouTube-video of Fr. Mike Schmitz can expound more on what I am trying to say. Try it. You’ll see the difference in your life.