SSpS English International Tertiate 2015

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The SSpS English International Tertiate 2015 was held in their Motherhouse, Sacred Heart of Jesus Convent, just a street away from us. Included in their program is a visit to our community in order to meet us and to know more about our Co-foundress, Mother Mary Michael. As we have the same Father-Founder, St. Arnold [...]

New Stations of the Cross

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This afternoon our new Stations of the Cross in the garden was blessed by Fr. Tony Gelinck, SVD. We started the prayers in the chapel, afterwards we went outside for the blessing. After it was solemnly blessed, we prayed the whole Stations, with the Sisters taking turns in leading the prayer. After the blessing we [...]

“Open Kloosterdag”

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In this Year of Consecrated Life, an extra “Open Kloosterdag” is held here in the Netherlands on June 14, 2015, wherein convents of religious orders and congregations are invited to open their convents and enclosure to the public. This extra “Open House” is held in response to the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis to all [...]

New Convent in Chile

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On June 13, 2015, our convent in Chile: Eucaristico Corazon de Jesus, was finally blessed and inaugurated after long waitings and many trials during the construction period. Yet even if they have to undergo many challenges along the way, they have also experienced the goodness of many people from the surroundings and other places. They [...]

65 Years of Religious Profession

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We are celebrating today the 65th Year of Religious Profession of our Sr.M.Jacinta. She is almost 89 years old, but she still helps in some small chores. But above all, it is her joy to pray. So often she says that now that she cannot work so much anymore, she gives all her time to prayer. [...]


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What is that hanging there on that small tree? Our garden Sister looked a little closer and was terrified to find a big cluster of bees - honeybees! The honeybees have built their colony there and they are hanging so neatly arranged on a small tree. Sister Superior called Brother Bartjes SVD, a once-upon-a-time beekeeper [...]

Lay Missionaries

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Some lay missionaries from Portugal called “Dialogos”, whose main objective is to support the three Congregations of St. Arnold Janssen, were brought to us by Fr. Renato Gnata, SVD and Fr. Tony Pates, SVD for the purpose of getting to know us, whom they are assisting with their prayers and good works. They were shown [...]

Meeting of three Contemplative Congregations

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As suggested by Pope Francis on this Year of Consecrated Life for “monasteries and groups which are primarily contemplative to meet or otherwise engage in an exchange of experience on the life of prayer, on ways of deepening communion with the entire Church...”, the Superiors of the three contemplative congregations in the Diocese of Roermond (where [...]