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Sister lets us pick our special Mission for 2016

Sister lets us pick our special Mission for 2016

Every 6th of January, in honor of the first “missionaries”, the three Magi – because they went out of their way to search for the newborn King and after having found him and paid homage to him, went back to their own countries and proclaim the Good News – we hold this day our Mission Distribution. In a simple ceremony, we pick out our special mission for the whole year. Normally, countries are printed on cards and with some prayers written on it or whatever that the in-charge of the ceremony has thought of. We gather by the crib and have some songs and prayers. This time two sisters read aloud stories related by refugees in Germany – their plight, their hardship, the danger they encountered along the way – it was very touching. We are enjoined to pray for the many who are affected by war, by hunger and poverty, by man-made and natural catastrophes…so many are in need! How could we help them all? It is so pathetic…

Especially this time, we think of all of them. Whatever we can do, whatever we can bear and endure, whatever love we can offer to the Lord for them….may God accept them to alleviate sufferings in the world. We may not see the result of our prayers, but we put everything in the hands of our Lord. We trust and believe. We pray, we do our part as is expected of us, contemplatives, we love and we suffer, the Lord will do the rest.

We invite you to join us in prayer for those who are most in need, for all who are living in extreme condition. Since this is the Holy Year of Mercy, let us show and practice mercy in whatever way we can. God gives us the strength to do it. May God hear our joint prayers and efforts. I am sure he will!

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