Caroling_Himig Pilipino

Last January 2 of this new year, the Himig Pilipino, a choir composing of Filipinas residing here in the Netherlands and in nearby Germany, came to carol us, as was their custom every Christmas. It is their joy, they said, to sing for us. It is also our joy to listen to them; and especially our Filipina Sisters love to hear English and Tagalog songs, which give them a taste of home.

They came this time with them Fr. Mark and Fr. Patrick, both MSP priests missioned here, and also their Spiritual Director, Fr. J. Ommerborn, a German SVD. There were also some Filipinas who came with them to see us for the first time. It was a joyous get together.

May God bless all the members of the Himig Pilipino and their families. May their music, not just on Christmas but all through the year, bring consolation and comfort, peace and joy to all who hear them!