Today, our 88 year old Dutch Sister Mary Elisabeth, was born into eternity at 1:15 in the afternoon. Just as we are all preparing for the Birthday of Christ, God has called our Sister into new life in eternity. She had been sick for quite sometime and had suffered dementia. After a few weeks of being bed ridden she had so quietly and peacefully passed from this life to the next without so much a struggle. Even one of our Sister-infirmarian could not believe that she was already dead. So peaceful was she and so beautiful.

Her life’s story was so colorful. She had been a Sister in an active congregation and a missionary in Kenya for 15 years before she transfered to our contemplative congregation. It was not easy for her, who had been very independent, to adjust in a way of life totally different from the former. But she remained resolute and steadfast in striving. She loved our Lord so much and had given her all to him. The adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was very dear to her that even when she was weak already and bound to a wheelchair, she would still asked to be given a time for adoration. Now she continues in the next life the adoration she had begun here on earth. Now she receives the fulfillment of all her longings and aspirations – to be united to her Lord for all eternity! We thank God for the gift of our Sister to our Congregation. May God now be her reward. May she pray for us just as we pray for her.