In the convent, we only have simple joys. Because our life is simple and does not have many distractions from the outside world, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant happenings bring us joy and cause laughter among us – little joys that give finishing touches to our day to day encounter with our living God.

For instance:
We have a big garden. Planting a vegetable in a pot may be unnecessary. But the thought of doing it, at the same time, is not crazy, right?

One day, a friend came and gave us some tomato seedlings. Sister-gardener already has enough tomato plants. So as not to let the seedlings die a natural death, she asked some sisters if they are willing to adopt one little tomato plant in a pot. Well, being a lover of plants, I adopted one. Why not? I still have room for it in the windowsill, and my workroom has full of sunshine. I am sure it can go along well with my anthuriums and kalanchoes. It was so small, but I gave it all the love and the sunshine I could provide. I put her on my windowsill in my workroom where I could see her every day and as often as possible. Every day I rejoice at every growth I see in it and thank God for giving it life. After a few weeks – wonder of wonders! It bore fruits – beautiful, shiny, and red fruits. And they taste delicious! Reaping the fruit of one’s efforts is a joy!

Surely, God, our Father, feels the same when he looks at us every moment of each day. He rejoices at every growth he sees in us, and he lavishes us with encouragement, with enough “water, sun, and pruning.” In a way, I share in this joy of our Father – in the simple joys of every day.