The Song of Songs or the Song of Solomon is a Book in the Old Testament that is quite difficult to understand. This Book is a love-poem that speaks of God’s love for his people. But it also speaks of a soul’s relationship with her Lord. Every time I read this, I feel invited to get deeper into my relationship with Jesus. I am asked to advance in spiritual espousal and persevere in seeking God, especially when it seems I lost Him, or when He hides his face from me. Indeed, this Book offers more than we could think of. However, for my spiritual growth, the Song of Songs has helped me perseveringly seek the Lord “whom my heart loves.” (cf. Songs 3:1-2)

It is good to know more about the deeper meaning of this Book. Let us learn together. May we grow in our faith in our love for our Lord Jesus and His Church.

Here, I have found a very profound explanation of this Book by Dr. John Bergsma, a Catholic biblical scholar, and a theologian. His presentation delivered with humor is very enriching and enlightening. It will blow your mind! He made it sound simple and easy to understand. He expounds it so eloquently. Watch and listen. Let the Song of Songs come alive and speak to us.