We’ve just finished our Morning Praise. As I went to my room for the meditation and opened the window to breathe in the fresh spring air, I was greeted by the loud chirping of so many birds. It was so beautiful. I stood still to listen to them, not wanting to disturb the enchanted moment. The birds were also singing their Morning Praise just as we’ve done! They were singing their praise to their Creator with a tune particular to each and, together, they made a magnificent choir – so consoling and uplifting. I wanted to capture this beautiful moment, and so I recorded the music they were making. But, of course, listening to a taped tune is nothing compared to the real one! Even then, I want to share my joy with you. Listen…

Can you hear them? Even the distant cry of  the Crows made a fitting harmony with the whole. Shhh… close your eyes… listen. God is so near! God is so real!

O God, thank you for this moment. Thank you for the gift of your presence through nature, through all that you have created. Thank you for being our God, for being our Father!

How awesome and great is our Maker! His wonderful creation inspires us to lift up our hearts to him in praise and worship! Let us join the whole creation in singing praise to God, our Father and Creator. After all, are we not his masterpiece!