Today, June 1, 2016, we are celebrating with joy and gratitude the First Anniversary of our website: Our gratitude goes to our good and generous friend and webmaster, Mark Brouwer, who helped us put this up and is still helping us maintain it and keep it up to date. Although updating the content, especially the Blog posts are done by us,  its maintenance and technical updates are done by him. We thank God for giving us the inspiration and the courage to go on with this project, even though, as contemplatives, we are not yet so familiar with the technical world. With the help of friends, we are learning how to prudently add some touch of technology in our way of life. We are making more use of the multimedia through our website in order to reach as many people as possible, indeed, the whole world so that we can contribute to the spreading of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ and bring love, comfort, inspiration and hope to all those who visit our site.

Our prayers and thanks go also to you, dear friends and visitors of our website, for keeping this alive and active. Rest assured of our prayers for you all. You are most welcome to send us your prayer requests – your concerns and problems, your hopes and fears, or whatever. Share with us simply your own faith experience and the gratitude in your heart for all that our Lord is doing to you and for you. We will be happy if you keep in contact with us.

To all of you – our families, friends, benefactors, and visitors – our warmest and sincerest THANK YOU VERY MUCH! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters
Steyl, Netherlands