Blog_Diamond_400InsertWe had fun during recreation yesterday. Since it was a freeday, we opted to play some table games. Others played, “Man, do not get angry” – a board game of dice and pawns. One must not get angry being sent back to homebase after having traveled quite far. The others tried to complete and finish the jigsaw puzzle they have started some weeks ago. They are now “giving finishing touches on the heavens.” The others were just talking, telling stories and at the same time helping the “Puzzlers” to prepare themselves for the next one after they  completed what they are doing. We, on the other hand, at the other end of the table, were playing “Diamond Hunting”. It was a card game which is a kind of mini jigsaw puzzle. Our Slovakish Sister received it from her family and she taught us how to play it. It was fun doing it and very interesting, too, as we assemble and arrange all those colored pieces in a square pattern as quickly as possible. The players gain 2 diamonds when the card is finished. The first and the fastest to complete the pattern has the privilege of moving 3 steps to hunt for her diamonds. At the end, since it was almost time, we started clearing and putting things back to the closet, and in the meantime the “Puzzlers” have succesfully completed the “heavens” and we rejoiced with them and applauded their great success!

But then Sister noticed that one diamond is missing. So we crouched under the table and looked for the missing precious stone. When Sister Superior asked us what we were doing down there, a Sister replied, “We are looking for a diamond!”; and another exclaimed: “Now here is the actual game! It is really aptly named: Diamond Hunting!” We all laughed that we did not hear the bell ringing to end the recreation and calling us to Night Prayer!

When we started the prayer in the chapel, Sister intoned the wrong Antiphon. Instead of from Monday, she gave the tone for Tuesday, and poor Intonarians, who were still so distracted by the missing “diamond,” sang the wrong one with one voice! The other Sisters cleared their throats to let us know we were wrong; and  the Sister beside me said: “Huh-uh!” There were stifled laughter and shaking shoulders left and right. I couldn’t keep my laughter to myslef, a tiny sound escaped my lips sounding quite funny. Finally Sister intoned the right tone and we all set in, composed and calm, as if nothing has happened. Now, that was self-control! And God’s grace, too! The choir set in also and together we praised and thanked God for the joy-filled and relaxing freeday!