I was not very devoted to Mary as I was growing up. Yes, I believed in her. I accepted her as our and Jesus’ Mother. But only that. Why? Maybe because I was not particularly pious. I go to Holy Mass on Sundays only now and then. I did not pray the rosary unless it was with a group. But I pray. I talk to Jesus, just like a friend. Just casual. Extra pious, extra prayerful – I wasn’t that. But he called me! And for me, that’s a miracle. I loved Jesus, but I did not give so much attention to the Mother, who bore him!

One day, in my freshman year at college, I visited my best friend in high school in her home. My best friend was a pious girl. She prayed a lot and had many novenas – just my opposite. We talked about our struggles and joys, successes, and failures. Then she said, “I bring all my concerns to the Blessed Mother. When I pray, I go through Mary to Jesus.” I was surprised. “Why would she go to Mary first when she could go directly to Jesus?” – I thought to myself. I remarked, “I pray directly to Jesus.” But then she said, “The Blessed Mother will bring my troubles to Jesus, and she will see to it that He hears my plea.”

It started me thinking after that. “Why can’t I do that? Why do I not also go to Mary – she is my Mother, too!” Only then did I realize what I have been missing. Soon I started trying to call on Mary. I started praying the rosary once in a while, and I wished that I could also be counted as one of her beloved children. It was not easy. Devotion to any other than Jesus did not come naturally to me. I had to work for it. Then I asked Mary to help me come close to her. I even asked Jesus to help me love his Mother as he did.

Even until I entered the convent, I was still praying for the grace to have a devotion to Mary. It was a long journey. Later, I started calling her Mama like the others. At first, it felt awkward. But now, I am used to it. I love calling her Mama. I went so far as to consecrate myself to her Immaculate Heart. I was never happier! I thank God for giving me two mothers – an earthly mother and a heavenly one.

I asked Jesus to help me love her, and she, in turn, brought me closer to Jesus. Whatever concerns, whatever trials or problems – my own or others’, I bring to our Mother. I share with her joys and successes as well as failures and failings. She listens, she never disappoints. Yes, to Jesus, through Mary! But of course, I continue to talk to Jesus as to an intimate Friend, after all, he is also my Spouse, and I am his Bride.

I found a beautiful testimony to Mary. See, we are many who love her, many who pray to her. Let us spread the love for and devotion to Mary, our Mother. Let us consecrate ourselves and our dear ones to her. She will draw us closer and closer to Jesus, Son of God, and hers! She will help us recognize and do the Will of God.  She will lead us Home!