One of my fellow sisters gave me a small stone in the shape of a footstep. She said: “Remember to follow Jesus – always!” I was so fascinated by it. It looks like a footprint. But it’s only one – where is the other pair?

My sister said: “Remember to follow Jesus – always!” I thought: But I am already following Jesus! To follow Jesus is not that easy. Did He not say: “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me?” (Mt. 16:24-28)

I know well the implications of following Jesus, of renouncing everything for His sake, of taking up my cross daily and follow in His footsteps. It was clear when I got an orientation several weeks before my entrance to the convent. But it could be that after many years in religious life, one can grow slow and somewhat weary in following after the Master. We are still human, not angels. The wear and tear of daily community life can be overwhelming. And so our steps can get weary and slow, and we wish at times to put down the cross we are carrying.

Then, we need a reminder! Our Bridegroom knows our weakness, and now and then, he consoles us, encourages us, and sends us reminders, just like this small stone in a shape of a footprint and the words of my fellow sister: “Remember to follow Jesus – always!” Just the right reminder for me.