We are a Contemplative-missionary Congregation. Some people do not understand what we are doing inside the cloister. They are saying that outside we can still do so much. There are many poor, many needy people, many countries in need of help and ministry. If we are missionaries we must go out and minister to people.

As is written at the bottom of this page and every page of this website : Our way of life and our dedication are a challenge that can be accepted and justified only by faith…

As St. Therese of the Child Jesus puts it: “The Church is the Body of Christ. And in this body, the necessary parts are not lacking. Surely in this Body there is a heart, and this heart is burning with love for God…”

We, too, as contemplatives, like St. Therese, are this heart; and if this “heart” stops beating or when the fire dies out and its love grows cold, what will happen to the entire body?