A few weeks ago, while I was tending the plants in our dining room, I saw a broken young shoot of a potted Geranium. I picked it up and seeing that it was still fresh I planted it on the pot of another Geranium.

After a few days again, I saw another young shoot cut off from its main plant and already almost withered. I decided to plant it beside the other one.

Days passed, the small one was already giving signs of life but the bigger one was still limp. Everyday I water them and I look at them with expectant joy.

After a week or so, the other one has picked up strength and now standing proudly beside the smaller one. It made me so happy!

Now the two little Geraniums are healthy and starting to have new shoots. It is such a joy to see them. I thought of God; He must also be full of joy when he looks at me and sees growth in me… growth that not even the human eye can see; and God rejoices!