Today is Labor Day and a day dedicated to St. Joseph, the Worker. There is so much to thank St. Joseph for. He has been such a good provider and still is. Our community, in fact, our whole Congregation is devoted to him. He helps and never disappoints those who call on him.

There are so many people who need prayers now, especially those who have no work, those who are living in extreme condition, all overseas contract workers, those who, because of infirmities or disabilities are unable to work anymore…We can make a long list of those who are in need, not to mention our own needs and the needs of our own families. All these we may entrust to the prayers of St. Joseph. And we already thank God in advance for the answered prayers!

Here is a very helpful prayer to St. Joseph:

O Glorious St. Joseph,
you who have power to render things possible which seem impossible,
come to our aid in our present trouble and distress;
Take this important and difficult affairs under your particular protection that they may end happily.

Dear, St. Joseph, all our confidence is in you; Let it not be said that we have invoked you in vain;
And since you are so powerful with Jesus and Mary, show that your goodness equals your power. Amen.Great St. Joseph, pray for us and care for us!