PheasantWe have a beautiful Pheasant-couple in our garden. How they came to us, we have no idea. They must have flown over our wall and simply stayed. We hear every now and then the rooster-like crowing of the male pheasant and we know that he is just around somewhere. At first, they were a little aloof but in time, being perhaps convinced that the residents of the big house are harmless, they started showing themselves. They became friendly with the sisters whom they see more often in the garden. The male pheasant is so beautiful. The female, on the other hand, is just of plain color, but also beautiful. God made her so for a purpose. Really, God is such a good Artist! Who could deny that there is a Creator of all these beautiful creatures? And yet, there are many who do not believe that God exists. Or perhaps, they just refuse to believe?

“O God, our Father and Creator, help us to see you in nature and in all that you’ve created. Grant us eyes and heart to see and perceive your presence in this world of ours. Let us be comforted by the thought that as you sustain creation, so you will surely sustain us and will not abandon us. May we all honor and glorify you. May all your creation praise and thank you for all eternity. Amen.”