What wonderful colors! I can’t help but take pictures of the trees and plants in their splendor! Nature speaks so eloquently of the magnificence of God!

All of God’s creation give justice to him by giving their best at each appointed time. To look at the wonder of nature, one cannot help but think of God. Who could not? Is there any artist better than God? Is there anyone who can paint the sky, the earth and the seas perfectly in all forms and hues? Who can deny the presence of God? And yet, it is sad to think that many of his children do not acknowledge him.

“O, God, our loving Creator and Father, in your mercy and love, help us to see you and to acknowledge your presence in our world and in our lives. May we allow you to love us and may we also give ourselves a chance to love you as you deserve. May we listen to your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who came into our world and dwelt among us in order to reveal you to us. May we accept the love that he is pouring into our hearts – the Holy Spirit, the God of Love – so that with him we can cry out to you: “Abba, Father!”