When autumn comes, I admire and enjoy the beauty of the changing colors of foliage. I wish that they will remain as they are, vibrant in color, so pleasing to the eye and comforting to the weary heart. It gives me so much joy just looking at them, being with them, and I feel transported in a world were only goodness and love prevail.

Nature, in every season, is a wonder to behold. Being with nature, one forgets one’s difficulties, one’s trials and pain – at least, that is how I experience it. It sooths, relieves, and it brings calm and tranquility. I feel one with them and speechless as well. I can only feel the goodness and love of God who made all these things for our good and because he loves us. Words are actually not necessary to describe them for they are indescribable. Yes, God’s love through all that he created is indescribable…it can only be experienced in the depth of one’s heart – a heart that is open and free for him.

“O, Lord, our God, how great you are! How good you are! I want to shout for joy and to proclaim your greatness! I want to spread the words: How good you are, God!”