At this time of worldwide crisis with COVID-19, we pray and offer sacrifices for all our brothers and sisters who have been infected by this virus. We also pray for the repose of the souls of those who have died already and we extend our sympathy to those they have left behind.

May our good God look upon the sufferings, fears, confusion, and insecurities of His children, and may He soon free us from this crisis.
We continue to trust in His loving providence, for we believe that nothing happens by chance or by accident. The Lord knows what we are all going through and he sees our need. In His own time, He shall deliver us and grant us His healing. May we learn the lesson that our Lord is teaching us through this suffering; may we turn to God, who alone can deliver us from all ills. Let us together turn to Him in earnest prayer, humble supplication, and loving adoration. Through this worldwide crisis, may we open up our hearts to His healing grace, to His love and mercy.

Know that we are with you in this. In prayer we are united. May our joint prayers and our trust in the mercy of God bring this crisis to an end and grant us new life, joyful hope, lively faith and childlike trust in God our Father.

Perhaps this short video of Fr. Mark Goring, CC, can comfort us and help us to surrender to God in this time of need:

May the Holy Triune God bless us – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

One with you in prayer,
Your Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters