It was such a beautiful Sunday morning! After Holy Mass I went to the veranda to pray. I looked out and saw small boats sailing on the Maas River behind our convent. It was so peaceful. I thought of capturing the peaceful scene with the camera. After I set it up, I just looked out and breathed in the peace and serenity of the moment, and prayed for all the passing boats, big and small, prayed for the people in there and also for all the passersby along the river. I usually do this and I feel some connection with these people even if they do not know me and I do not know them.

After a few minutes I took the camera and checked what I got. I was surprised to see a Sister on the scene -she was praying her rosary down in the garden! What a beautiful sight: the world outside our wall and the world inside our four walls! Two worlds apart? No! Rather, two complementary worlds united by love and prayer and brought together by a loving God!