The participants of the 82nd SVD International Tertiate Renewal Program came today to meet with us and to get to know our Co-foundress, Mother Mary Michael. For some of them it is their first time to see a “pink Sister” in person. Like our Missionary Sisters, we have close ties with them since they are our eldest Brothers in the Arnoldus Family.

Not knowing much about our way of life they asked us questions about our daily schedule, our relationships with our families, contacts with outsiders and the like. Being contemplatives and not having the privileges that an active religious has like home visits and going on vacation, they expressed their admiration and at the same time their amazement at how we could persevere in this kind of life.

They acknowledged that only by God’s grace and a genuine vocation that enable us to live our contemplative-missionary life especially in this modern times.
Before parting we promised them our continued prayerful support and we asked for their priestly blessing. They, too, promised us their prayers. Big Brothers indeed!