It was raining gently outside and yet the sun was shining. It’s almost evening, but the sun has not yet set.
When I went out of my room, a sister called me excitedly but in a subdued tone because of our rule of silence (our rule, though, does not prohibit us from sharing beautiful and rare occurrences like this one). I thought something was wrong or perhaps she needed help. But then she pointed outside the window and…what is that! A beautiful rainbow just above our chapel! I quickly ran downstairs to get the camera; surely this must be photographed! It’s such a rare occurrence here.

In the corridor I met sisters who were all so excited and happy. Oh, silence was momentarily forgotten! Those who have seen the rainbow first wanted to tell the others about it, like a good news! The joy was so contagious. There was not only one rainbow but two!

After I got the camera in my workroom, I joined the others in our reading room where the view was better. The rainbows were just above the trees. It was a beautiful sight and comforting, too! One could only marvel at the Great Artist himself who paints the cloudy sky with such vivid colors! And he does so, too, in our own lives!

Another thing struck me more: The rainbows were beautiful, but my Sisters were more beautiful! Each one who saw the rainbows wanted to share to others. They did not keep the “good news” to themselves. They wanted to spread it – and spread it with so much joy that it was contagious! God must have smiled at how eager each one went out to share the “good news“! And surely, there are many little “good news” in our daily lives!