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What is that hanging there on that small tree? Our garden Sister looked a little closer and was terrified to find a big cluster of bees - honeybees! The honeybees have built their colony there and they are hanging so neatly arranged on a small tree. Sister Superior called Brother Bartjes SVD, a once-upon-a-time beekeeper [...]

Lay Missionaries

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Some lay missionaries from Portugal called “Dialogos”, whose main objective is to support the three Congregations of St. Arnold Janssen, were brought to us by Fr. Renato Gnata, SVD and Fr. Tony Pates, SVD for the purpose of getting to know us, whom they are assisting with their prayers and good works. They were shown [...]

The Lord must have smiled!

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This week I am the prayer leader. This evening, during Compline (Night prayer) after a short silence of examination of conscience, as I was supposed to intone the penitential rite, I accidentally hit the books on the shelf of my pew. All my prayer books fell with such a loud noise after I said: “I [...]

Sisterly Charity

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This morning as I entered our chapel I saw our two elderly Sisters walking together, the older one supporting the other and leading her to her place. Both Sisters could hardly walk without the aid of a walker and yet there they were, helping each other. It was really so edifying to see them. It [...]

100th year Motherhouse

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Our Motherhouse here in Steyl has just celebrated her 100th year last August 26, 2014. Our Generalate took this opportunity to hold an International Superior’s Assembly (ISA) here in the Motherhouse from August 11-29. Could you imagine our joy, when on the first week of August the Superiors or the representatives of all our houses [...]

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