We met our Mayor, Mr. A.S. Scholten, for the first time last November 4, 2014, when we invited him to meet with our Mother General and her Council. Among other things he related to us some interesting news in the Municipality. He said that it is his practice to visit and greet with flowers any couple in his realm who are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Since we, too, are “married” he said, he would like to include us on his list. He will come and greet with flowers whoever will celebrate her jubilee.

True to his word, this afternoon, May 22 (he could not come, though, on the day itself due to an appointment), he came for our Sr. M. Jacinta and handed her a beautiful boquet of flowers, which she received with great joy. She and Sister Superior received him in our room for visiting dignitaries and they have a cup of coffee with him. It was for Sister an unforgettable happy experience.