What is that hanging there on that small tree? Our garden Sister looked a little closer and was terrified to find a big cluster of bees – honeybees! The honeybees have built their colony there and they are hanging so neatly arranged on a small tree. Sister Superior called Brother Bartjes SVD, a once-upon-a-time beekeeper from the Mission House.

He came right away to have a look and then said it was the most beautiful honeybee colony he had ever seen! He went back to the Missionhouse and returned immediately to us with all his paraphernalia. We were watching a little fearfully from a distance while Sister took pictures as Brother instructed her. In his complete safety gear, he was able to detach them from the tree and put them right away in a box without disturbing them.

We asked him what he will do with them and he said he will let them stay in there perhaps until the morning; and when they are already calm and quiet he will release them. It was really quite an experience watching him expertly but gently removing them from the branch.

One can only be filled with wonder at God’s creation! Much more is one filled with awe at the Creator himself! (see photo album)