We come now to the end of the Easter season, climaxing at Pentecost, the coming down of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.

Watch and listen to Dr. Brant Pitre as he clearly explains the meaning and origin of Pentecost.

Pentecost is also known as the Birthday of the Catholic Church. “It is called that because Pentecost is when the apostles went out among the people and began spreading Jesus’ message, thus establishing the beginning of the Church.”

Our Congregation, Sister-Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration, or simply known as the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, also celebrates our titular feast. We have a special devotion to the Third Person of the Trinity, and our pink habit is a sign of our consecration to Him. We celebrate with the whole Church, and we celebrate with you this very important Solemnity.

Thank you for being with us these past years and for praying with us and for us! God bless you all!

We greet you then a
Blessed Pentecost and a Happy Birthday!
May you receive a rich outpouring of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit!