The Lockdown that COVID-19 imposed on us all has been painful and unbearable the longer we stay in it. Active people are not used to being locked down in a place for an extended period. As contemplatives who do not go out unless necessary, the Lockdown may not be strange to us. Unfortunately, it affects us also. Fear lurked in every corner of the convent, and, whether we admit it or not, angst gripped our hearts like everybody else.

What will happen to us? If one gets infected, will we not all get it? Yet, despite fear, we continued to live our daily religious lives as faithfully as we could. We pray even more for all, particularly for those who succumbed to the coronavirus. Neither do we forget the many who help and reach out to the victims and their families selflessly and heroically.

Fear was a reality, but it did not become a hindrance. It has become our primary offering to God to plead for mercy, healing, and deliverance from this corona-crisis. Despite the fear in our hearts, we trust in God and earnestly pray: “Help us, Lord! We are in your hands. Your Will be done.”