It is Autumn. I find this season very fascinating. Of course, all the four seasons – autumn, winter, spring and summer – have their own beauty and their own message and lesson to tell. We could learn much from each of them. These four seasons kind of express the cycle of our own life, the story of our own journey toward eternal life. Autumn, though, fascinates me more. It speaks deep truth in my heart.

Someone told me that the leaves know that their time is up, that they have to leave their place of security, to detach themselves to the source of their life, and that it is time for them to fall and die. Even as they are still attached to a branch, they are aware that their time is almost over. They accept it as their lot without resistance, without complain. Perhaps they know very well that if they will not fall and die, the new shoot will not come out; there will be no new life.

How do the leaves know that their time is up? They don’t receive any nourishment anymore from the tree. It is said that the tree closes up the path of nourishment to that particular leaf. Receiving no more food; the leaf then gets the message: “My end is near!” Does it rejoice or is it sad at the thought of dying? I do not know. But the message for me is clear: “My time will come, I may not know when, but I must accept the truth that my existence here on earth will one day come to an end. What about a new life to replace my passing away? Maybe somewhere in the world a baby is born, while I leave. Who knows? Only God knows, and I leave it to him. I will not question. I need only to be watchful, for I know not the day nor the hour. (cf.Mt.25:13)