SVD-SSpSRetreatants2016The SVD’s and SSpS from all over the world, who are having their Retreat Guide Workshop here in Steyl came today, February 7 at 4:00 P.M.  to meet us and also to get to know more about Mother Mary Michael, our Co-foundress. We presented them first a PowerPoint and then proceeded afterward with sharings and questions and answers. It was very interesting to hear about their mission assignments and it was touching at the same time when we hear how some of them have to face many difficulties and even danger in their mission fields. How much they need prayers! And that is just what we want to do. After all, we were founded for this purpose – to pray for them at all times.

We were grateful for their visit and sharings, and we surely promised them our constant prayerful support. We were enriched by their visit and were renewed as well in our commitment to pray and make sacrifices, not only for them but also for all Missionaries, who are out there in the front line, defending the faith and proclaiming and spreading God’s Word.

May our Lord be their protection and may he make all their missionary endeavors fruitful for the Church and the world.