Sisters praying before the grave of M.Mary Michael

Sisters praying before the grave of M.Mary Michael

We commemorated yesterday, February 25, the death anniversary of our Venerable M. Mary Michael (video). Sisters made a kind of “pilgrimage” for nine days to her grave in our cemetery across our street to ask for her intercession for all the intentions recommended to our prayers and to thank God for the blessings bestowed on her and on us through her. During our evening recreation, the younger members of our community performed a short tribute to her by interpreting a write up about her through dances. It was beautiful and moving.

We thank God for the gift of our Co-foundress to the Church and to the world, and to each of us. The process of her Beatification is going on, and we hope to venerate her as a Blessed in the near future. May God so will it. (read more in pdf)

Here’s a prayer if you wish to ask for her intercession. She will gladly pray for you.

Merciful God, you called your servant, Mother Mary Michael Tönnies,
to support the Church’s mission in a life of prayer.
In the strength of the Eucharist and supported by the Holy Spirit,
she brought people worldwide to praise you in constant prayer
and to seek and fulfill your will.

Through her intercession,
grant us confidence in your loving guidance
and the fulfillment of our request:
(indicate here the grace you want to receive)
and grant that we may one day venerate her as blessed.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. (download prayer in pdf)