Today, a hundred years ago, we started solemnly the service of perpetual adoration. Our Co-foundress, Mother Mary Michael, had done her best to secure permission for perpetual exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from the bishop of Roermond, and finally, on November 6, 1915, we gratefully received it. What joy our Sisters then must have felt by this permission, and after two days of preparing the high altar, they began perpetual adoration that has been continued up to this time by every daughter foundation of our Congregation.

We thank God ceaselessly for our great calling of kneeling before his real presence. It is heaven on earth! Mother Mary Michael once said: “Perpetual adoration! How beautiful it is! The Blessed Sacrament is indeed the most beautiful and most sublime gift that our small earth and the whole world calls its own.”  Yes, the most beautiful gift that God gave to the world – a sign of his abiding presence among us, a sacrament of his love – and yet, not accepted and responded to by everyone! That is why he has called us and many others to represent all mankind before him. As we come before his presence, we bring along all of the humanity; and we hope, that as we go forth from his presence, we bring him also to all of the humanity – that we bring them hope and encouragement, that we give God’s own love, peace, goodness and mercy to all we meet and to all whom God has entrusted to our care.