Today, October 31, is the last day of our Rosary  devotion. This does not mean that we stop praying it. By no means! The communal praying of the rosary ends today, but we continue praying the rosary privately. Besides when we have night adoration, we are encouraged to pray it, especially for priests.  You who have entrusted yourselves to our prayer will be continually remembered in our prayers. Not only you, but the whole Church and the whole world – there are so many intentions to be prayed for and so many people with different needs and with various petitions. Our prayer embraces all; and prayer for us means not only saying our beads or reciting vocal prayers, but also and more importantly, a living out of our total dedication to the Lord and  fidelity to our vocation; it is a relationship with Jesus, who has called us to share in his own life and mission. Thus prayer is our life – a 24-hour, non-stop service of love!