It’s November 1, All Saints’ Day! We start a new month with all the Saints! We remember today not only the canonized Saints, but also all the Saints that are not officially canonized by the Church but had lived a life of holiness during their lifetime. They were the ones who had passed through trials and tribulations and had been steadfast in their faith, hope and love. They had loved God on earth and had served him in their own way and in their own state of life, and had striven to fulfill God’s will for them. These are the men and women, our brothers and sisters in Christ, who had fought “the good fight of faith” and emerged victorious. We look to them, we ask for their prayers that we, too, may one day attain to the happiness of a blessed life in God’s everlasting presence. May they help us in our daily strivings as well as in our daily struggles as we continue our pilgrim journey of faith. May we, too, one day, together with all the angels and saints, sing the praises of God and adore him for all eternity. Amen!