In this Year of Consecrated Life, an extra “Open Kloosterdag” is held here in the Netherlands on June 14, 2015, wherein convents of religious orders and congregations are invited to open their convents and enclosure to the public. This extra “Open House” is held in response to the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis to all consecrated persons, encouraging and inviting them “to come out of themselves and go forth to the existential periphery” – to “go into all the world!”

This “Open House” poses the questions about religious life these days: What does it look like? What makes it attractive? How does it address today man’s quest and longing for God?

As contemplatives with strict papal enclosure we responded to this invitation in the manner that is particular to us. We welcomed visitors in our convent, showed them our way of life through slideshow and entertained their questions. Our visitors were enthusiastic and supportive, and showed much respect and esteem for our life. At the end they entrusted themselves and their intentions to our prayers, which we gladly accepted and we promise them in turn our prayerful support.