NativitySetOur Sisters are very busy today putting last finishing touches on our Nativity set. There are several places in the house where we put up our nativity set. Well, surely, one set could be enough, but we can’t have enough of Christmas either! We celebrate our Lord’s birthday only once a year and we want to show him that wherever corner of the house he will go, he will see that we lovingly remember him! Besides this is only one of the many little ways of showing him our affection as well as our gratitude for the great mystery of his Incarnation.

Yet we are aware that his birth must not just be remembered on Christmas day. Jesus, by his birth, brought love into our world – he is love himself – and the best gift and token of gratitude that we can offer him is to receive his love, to let it mold our lives and bring it also to life – to live it, pass it on and give it to others.

Now you see the finished set…but the Baby is not yet there! Naturally! He will be put there only on the eve of Christmas. These days are still prepration for his coming…and we prepare our hearts above all!