The beginning of the presence of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters in Argentina is marked by a rather adventurous note. The first six Sisters to set foot on Argentinian soil had been living in our convent in China, where our Sisters adored our Eucharistic Lord for seventeen years. In 1949 as the Communist danger became ever more imminent, it was deemed best to leave China. A favorable opportunity came for some Sisters to travel to Argentina. The superior general, Mother Mary Ignatia, took it as the finger of God and decided that it was time for the Congregation to begin in South America. After a long drawn out trip, the six appointed Sisters landed in Buenos Aires on March 3, 1949. Six months were to pass before they found a suitable place to start and the necessary permission of the Bishop. It was a farmhouse, which they converted into a convent, in Villa Elisa not far from Buenos Aires. In time, the inaccessibility of this location made a move to a more populous place desirable. After lengthy consideration and consultation, Mother Mary Ignatia decided on the city of Córdoba, called the “Argentinian Rome,” mainly because of its long-standing Catholic tradition. Its central location and healthful climate also made it attractive.

In 1962 a suitable piece of property with a villa on it was bought. On August 12, the Convent of Divine Love was dedicated in this house. In 1963 when the community had outgrown the small convent, construction of a large convent and chapel was begun. The cornerstone laying was on March 24. Finally on August 28, 1965 the beautiful, spacious chapel was consecrated. This chapel, the largest in our Congregation, has become a focal point of eucharistic devotion among the deeply religious people of Córdoba. On Sundays and other special days, it is filled to capacity for divine services. The laity also shares in the perpetual adoration hours.

In 1974 when Argentinian vocations declined, it was decided to divide the convent, so that one part would continue to be for the cloistered Sisters and the other would serve as a retreat house conducted by the active Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters. This proved to be a happy solution, as it resulted in more vocations for both and more people adoring the Lord in the chapel until now. May He be praised!

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