The Congregation of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters had already spread in Europe, North and South America and the Philippines. In God’s good time and loving plan, it was to take root in another Asian country, India, the so-called land of contemplation. This foundation too had a long pre-history. After a newly aroused awareness of the Congregation’s call to participate in the Church’s missionary role, and be present in as many territories as possible, there was an openness to venture into a new area. Soon after the Congregation’s international meeting in 1969, Father Engelbert Zeitler, SVD renewed his invitation to come to his mission country, India. Serious consideration of his proposal was followed by Mother Mary Aurora’s brief scouting visit to Bombay in January 1970. Two years later, she and another Sister made a month-long tour of India to become acquainted with this land and confer with local bishops and various religious superiors. Finally, after a long wait for visas to be approved, two Sisters, escorted by Mother Mary Aurora, arrived in Bombay on November 11, 1977.

A third would soon join them. Until they could find a suitable place of their own, they stayed in a wing provided for them in the house of our Missionary Sisters. In overcrowded Bombay it was difficult finding a suitable location, and candidates were also slow in coming. After a long, intensive search, Divine Providence led to an opening in the city of Bangalore in South India in April 1982. On July 31, 1983 the momentous simple celebration of the dedication of the first permanent home of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters in India took place.

One of the special endeavors of the Sisters is to inculturate while retaining the values rooted in their own heritage. A saffron sari habit was adopted. Saffron, representing the fire of self-oblation, is the Indian color of consecrated persons. The Sisters maintain a vegetarian diet and assume a sitting posture on the floor for prayer, even in the chapel. Many of their Hindu neighbors reverently visit the chapel, joining the Sisters in their adoration or at Mass. During Holy Communion, the priest distributes Prasad (little gifts) and flowers to them, since they may not receive the Eucharist. It is our hope that from this Abode of Adoration the love of Christ in the Eucharist will radiate to every corner of India.

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