The roots of this foundation in the State of Nebraska go back to the year 1967, when Bishop Glennon Flavin became Bishop of Lincoln in that State. One of the first moves of his episcopacy was to request Mother Mary Aurora for Sisters for his diocese. Two years later, on Mother Mary Aurora’s first visit to the United States, she and two other Sisters traveled to Lincoln to discuss the possibility of such an establishment, without making any commitment. Ask… seek… knock. That is what Bishop Flavin did, and not only in prayer. He repeatedly asked the Sisters to come to Lincoln and registered a petition with the civil authorities for re-zoning the property on which the episcopal residence stood, so that a convent could be established there. The Bishop moved out of this house and arranged for its renovation into a convent. The Sisters agreed to a two-year trial period.

Even before the first Sisters arrived, a Ladies’ Auxiliary group was formed to organize lay adorers to volunteer to share in the adoration hours. The ladies would also do errands for the cloistered Sisters, provide any necessary transportation and help in many other ways as well. The stage was set. Bishop Flavin proposed the name for the chapel and convent. His motto was: That Christ May Reign. He wanted at least one church in the diocese of Lincoln to be dedicated to Christ the King. Finally on September 23, 1973 Bishop Flavin offered an outdoor Mass in honor of Christ the King to accommodate the large crowd that had gathered at the site for the opening of the new convent. Explaining the life of the Sisters, he said that besides praying for the people, “their real and more important task is to pay homage to Christ as King by their adoration.”

Soon afterwards, the King’s Men was founded, who pledge at least a weekly visit to our Eucharistic Lord in this chapel. In 1984 a similar group for women, called The Ladies of the Eucharist, was formed and grew rapidly. It was followed in 1988 by the forming of the Youth for the Eucharist. Now in the beautiful chapel, built in 1980 because of the increasing number of adorers, one can find people of all ages silently praying at any time of day and joining in the daily Mass and Night Prayer. All glory to Christ our King!

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