Córdoba, Argentina. The prospect of founding in a neighboring country where the same language, Spanish, is used, where the financial situation is stable, the generous offer of suitable land gratis, the many candidates hoping to apply, the fervor of lay adorers who had already formed an Adorers’ League to keep adoration in Chile while “waiting for us,” the benefactors who were collecting contributions for us, and last but not least, the hearty welcome of the local Bishop Gonzalo Duarte of Valparaiso was very encouraging. Although Mother Mary Aurora was not inclined to begin another new foundation before the Congregation’s general meeting in 2003, she allowed two Sisters to go to Chile in February 2002 in order to assess the situation. They were warmly welcomed by the Bishop, who expressed hope that they would soon be present in his diocese. The Marist Brothers offered to donate property for a convent.

In September 2004 the new superior general, Sister Mary Cecilia, who with her council had decided to proceed with this foundation, attended the ceremony of the cornerstone laying. In the beginning, the first four Sisters appointed to Villa Alemana lived their cloistered way of life as best they could in an apartment provided by the generous parish priest, Father Roberto Pinto. Divine Providence led them to discover a suitable house with an enclosed garden in a residential district.

On July 26, 2006 Bishop Duarte blessed this mini-chapel and convent, from which the Sisters will continue working on the real project. The Bishop encouraged those present to participate in the adoration and continue to support this work of the Lord, asking also for eucharistic vocations. Because of the ever growing number of visitors, the chapel was expanded as far as the limited space allowed. The enthusiasm and generosity of the Bishop and the people is very edifying. Divine Providence is taking care to develop this work in a truly unusual form in which the people feel that the convent is like their own and call it “our convent of the little nuns.” May it draw ever more people to adore the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and to serve him in the cloister.

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