God’s loving kindness toward the Congregation of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters was manifested in a singular manner by the providential events leading to their fifth foundation in the Philippines. Because of the rapid increase in vocations to the contemplative life of perpetual adoration, there was overcrowding in the existing convents. So thoughts began to turn to the possibility of opening another house and a suitable location was sought, at first without success. It was at a friendly visit to the community in Manila in January 1985 that Cardinal Jaime Sin took the opportunity to repeat his offer of property, part of his personal inheritance, and his willingness to help finance the construction of a convent in his birthplace, New Washington, Aklan on the Island of Panay. Mother Mary Aurora decided to visit the place. She and her companions received an overwhelming welcome. They were impressed with the beauty of the site offered to them in a rural setting right at the seashore.

Plans to make this dream a reality proceeded so rapidly that already on March 25, 1985 the cornerstone could be laid. With the benevolent encouragement of the Cardinal, who lent his own residence in Aklan to the Sisters as a temporary convent during the construction, and with the kind practical assistance of his brother, Dr. Ramon Sin, things continued to move fast. In October 1986 the pioneer Sisters could move into the still unfinished convent. Then on January 15, 1987, the feast of the Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, the solemn dedication took place. Before long, a zealous League of Adorers was formed.

Soon Immaculata Adoration Chapel became the center of many pilgrimages, special guided tours and field trips. It is an oasis for the weary fishermen of the neighborhood, for travelers and for those who seek respite from the cares of life. Retreat groups are accommodated, and people participate in Mass and parts of the Divine Office, in Holy Hours, recollection days and the annual Eucharistic Festival. As in other houses in the Philippines, the Dawn Masses on nine days preceding Christmas are well attended. A prayerful, solemn atmosphere, which runs like a gold thread through the tapestry of this place, draws them to come. May our Immaculate Mother Mary bless them all!

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