The story of the founding of a chapel and convent of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters in Indonesia resembles somehow the precarious, serpentine roads found in so many of the mountainous regions of this archipelago. From the beginning of 1984, with the encouragement of the SVD superior general, the generalate of the Adoration Sisters was in contact with SVD bishops and provincial superiors of Indonesia to request help in recruiting vocations for our Congregation. Positive responses were received, which kindled hope. On November 22, 1984 Mother Mary Aurora sent two Sisters to Indonesia. With the gracious help of the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, they visited the bishops of Surabaya on Java Island, Ende on Flores Island and Den Pasar on Bali Island, the island of 10,000 temples. They also visited other places in Indonesia in order to get a firsthand impression of the country. They felt the wholehearted support of the Divine Word Fathers and Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters. The prospects for opening a convent looked favorable, but where?

After many deliberations, on July 1, 1988 four Sisters were sent to Surabaya to try to set foot in the country. However, in October they had to leave, since the government refused to extend their visas. It was not until 1997 that the Indonesian mission could be revived. In June four Sisters went there with the intention of scouting around in answer to offers made. Their first “home” in Indonesia was in Batu, Java in a house lent by the Missionary Sisters. Here on July 6, which is considered the foundation day, they began their cloistered life of adoration.

Property for a permanent convent was acquired in Trawas but could not be developed because of the political, economic and religious situation on Java. In February 1998 they moved to Kuwu, Flores and even had a cornerstone-laying in Taga in April. But on account of unrest on local and national levels, resulting in violence, they again had to leave. Bishop Eduardus Sangsun, SVD, who had encouraged the Sisters from the beginning, finally gave them a suitable place, more beautiful, fertile and accessible, overlooking the city of Ruteng. On October 26, 2001 the growing community of native Sisters could celebrate the joyous event of the blessing of the new chapel and convent. In the atmosphere of prayer here, the Adorers’ League and many others eagerly attend Masses, novenas, recollections, Eucharistic Festivals and keep silent adoration, all to the glory of the Holy Trinity.

How to contact

Biara Adorasi Tritunggal (SSpSAP)

Jalan SMU II,
Tromol Pos 801 Ruteng 86508,
Flores – NTT

Tel.: (0062) 385-223-9
Fax: (0062) 385-225-12

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