God had blessed the first foundation of Mother Mary Michael’s Congregation, in Philadelphia, so abundantly that she seriously thought of founding a second adoration convent in the U.S.A. At the same time, the Lord had awakened in Mrs. Teresa Kulage, a wealthy St. Louis widow, during one of the Eucharistic Congresses which she regularly attended, the desire to establish perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in her native city. For this purpose, she wanted to donate her property to a community of Sister adorers.

United with them, the faithful could render our Eucharistic King their homage and be instrumental in drawing down on the archdiocese, especially its Chief Pastor, its clergy and all people God’s special benedictions. Cardinal Dougherty of Philadelphia learned about Mrs. Kulage’s desire and wrote to Archbishop Glennon of St. Louis in behalf of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters. Soon after, Mrs. Kulage went to Philadephia to meet the Sisters personally. A year later, in 1924, after attending the Eucharistic Congress in Amsterdam, Holland, she visited Mother Mary Michael in Steyl. On her return to St. Louis, she revealed her plans to build an adoration chapel and to donate the property on which the convent would be built.

By June 7, 1928 the chapel was dedicated. On that day perpetual adoration began at Mount Grace and has continued ever since. Our Co-foundress, Mother Mary Michael, came with her assistant from Holland to attend the ceremony. At the request of Mrs. Kulage, a Jesuit priest had submitted ten possible names for the new chapel and convent. The Sisters chose the name: Mount Grace, because the site is on an elevation overlooking the Mississippi Valley. From here, the Sisters would ask the Lord to pour a constant stream of graces on the world. The beautiful exposition altar was designed in St. Louis and made in Italy.
Mount Grace Chapel has become like a magnet, attracting many people of all ages to join the Sisters in prayer to our Eucharistic Lord. In 1958 the Legion of One Thousand Men was organized. Its members pledge a weekly visit to the Blessed Sacrament. Later the Legion was expanded to include women and is now known as the Legion of One Thousand Adorers. From the rising of the sun to its setting, may our Eucharistic King be ever adored!

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