The initiative to found a convent in Brazil came from Sr. Vianette, SSpS, superior of the local province of the Missionary Sisters. But due to our lack of personnel, we refuse for the time being. But the idea was taken up again later.

The solidarity of the three congregations of  Arnold Janssen was never so palpable as at the foundation of  our convent in Pota Grossa, Brazil. The superior of the local province of the Missionary Sisters, Sr. Vianette, SSpS had been our great support in this endeavor, since she was the actual contact person for us.  The SSpS provincial and Sr. Meinradine, SSpS, the former provincial, and the SVD superiors, Fr. Provincial E. Dal Piva of the southern province and the rector of Ponta Grossa SVD house, Fr. Mario Steffen, were also the most energetic collaborators. On December 14, 1981, the SVD superior general wrote to them that the “general council unanimously resolved to give the desired plot of land in Ponta Grossa to us as a gift.” Mother Mary Aurora replied: “The testimony of your generous brotherly sharing urges us, in conformity with the will of our common Founder, to support your Society in even greater measure with our prayers and sacrifices.”

But as in any other of our convents, the foundation of Ponta Grossa was met with trials and difficulties along the way. On March 13, 1982, two pioneering sisters from Cordoba arrived for the first time in Ponta Grossa. They were advised to get started with the building work, as the elections in the country were about to begin and prices were expected to go up. Though the construction was in competent hands, lack of money was a constant problem. The bad weather was making the building progress impossible. But as in any situation, God’s providential help was never lacking. Financial support came from abroad and then, eventually, the rain stopped and so the construction work continued steadily. 

On Easter Monday, 1983, the building of the chapel began. The pioneering sisters were surprised that the work was proceeding so fast. They remarked that if it proceeds like this the inauguration could take place on September 8. On November 5, 1983, the new convent was officially opened. Naturally, the Mother General was also invited. A group of well-wishers from Córdoba announced they would come. There was a great rejoicing over the founding of the new convent “Nossa Senhora do Cenáculo.” And thus another place of adoration and nursery for new adorers of the Blessed Sacrament was officially inaugurated.

How to contact

Convento Nossa Senhora do Cenáculo
Rua Nunes Machado 150
Caixa Postal 405
84001-970 Ponta Grossa – PR, Brazil

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