The presence of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters in Poland had been a long cherished dream of many Polish Divine Word Fathers and Brothers, as well as of the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters – a dream to have all three Congregations founded by St. Arnold Janssen working side by side in their country for the universal Church and “for the life of the world.” Father Edmund Filipowski was one of those who repeatedly suggested that Mother Mary Aurora look into the possibility of founding in Poland. Not content with words only, Father offered Mother and her councillors a trip to Poland in order to become acquainted with the circumstances and be able to judge what direction to take. On June 16, 1989 they left for a ten-day tour of Poland. Bishop Alfons Nossol of Opole warmly welcomed the Sisters into his diocese. Cardinal Josef Glemp, with whom they had a private audience, encouraged them and assured them of the help of the Church of Poland. He showed great appreciation for the service of perpetual adoration and for the contemplative life as a meaningful service to the Church. After prudent consideration and two more visits to Poland, the site in Nysa was chosen, because St. Arnold himself had been there and built the seminary and church there. Father Provincial Konrad Keler donated a piece of their property across the street from the SVD seminary.

In August 1990 six pioneer Sisters moved into a temporary convent. The following April 17, a peaceful, joyful Magnificat filled their hearts as the building site was blessed in a memorable celebration. In April 1994 the Sisters could finally move into the new convent. On the solemnity of Mary’s Assumption, August 15, Cardinal Joachim Meisner consecrated the large, new chapel in the presence of Bishop Nossol, the SVD Superior General and thirty concelebrants.

Since that solemn occasion, the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters have continued their life of eucharistic adoration and hidden, contemplative life in the cloister. God has blessed this convent with good candidates from Poland and Slovakia. In this chapel in which the Word made flesh, our living Bread, is perpetually exposed on the altar, many people from all walks of life and of every age like to join the Sisters, spending prime time with Him who radiates his saving presence to Nysa, to all of Poland and to the whole world.

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