Autumn never stops to fascinate me. Someone said that Autumn is a low-mood season – many people feel depressed during this time. It may be true, especially when it starts to rain for several days and all the leaves fall to the ground, turn brown and eventually decay. The surrounding gets wet and messy, not to mention the cold weather.

But there also are many beautiful and sunny days in between that make Autumn-surroundings stunning and enchanting. Look at those vivid colors of red, orange, golden, etc. It is a beauty to behold! Marveling at its splendor is enough to lift one’s heart to God, the Greatest Artist!

For me, this season speaks of life, death, and then, NEW LIFE.

Life, because of the vibrant colors. It gives joy. It enchants. Death, because the leaves grow old and eventually fall to the ground and die. New life, because, for every leaf that falls to the ground, a young shoot appears, a tiny life peeps out from where the old leaf was once attached. For every death, a promise of a new life! The “promise” sleeps all through Winter, but the hope that it enkindles in my heart keeps watch and is alive. It looks forward to its waking up when the right time comes.

That is Autumn – a season of hope. With this hope in my heart, Winter, Spring, and Summer get a new and profound meaning that I can apply in my own life.