TertiateSVD_SSPSWe met the participants of the SVD-SSpS Spanish-speaking Nemi-Tertiate Course participant last Thursday, March 3, 2016. Since they cannot speak English, our PowerPoint about our Co-foundress was translated so that they could understand it. We had a lively discussion afterwards. One of them interpreted the questions and answers from Spanish to English and vice versa. Before the start of the discussion and sharings, Sr. Lidia, SSpS, an AJSC member, aware of the language barrier, said: “Now let the language of love speaks!”

As usual, every time we meet with our SVD and SSpS brothers and sisters, it is always an enriching experience. It is really a meeting of “siblings” who have not seen one another for a very long time and are very excited to hear how each one is doing. There is gratitude for the presence and gift of each one. We are aware that we may never see one another again – at least not in this life, nevertheless, the joy of the meeting will remain in our memories and in our hearts. We are certain that we are not alone, that we belong to a big family, that we support one another spiritually and morally, and if need be, even materially. Our active Missionaries, who are defending the faith and spreading the word in the front line, leave our place feeling assured that their younger “sisters” – we, of course – will continue to accompany them wherever God’s will may bring them.

We thank and bless God for our common Father-founder, St. Arnold Janssen. Through his intercession, may all his spiritual sons and daughters, the SVD’s, SSpS, and we, SSpSAP, be blessed and become, in turn, blessings to many.