Today we are celebrating the All Souls’ Day. After we have celebrated the Feast of all the Saints yesterday, we now commemorate all the departed. We owe them our prayers and whatever help we can extend to them by way of sacrifices and works of mercy, so that they may soon enter the gates of heaven and join all the Saints and Angels in praising and glorifying the Most Blessed Trinity. Let us remember them and offer for them Holy Masses and prayers for they are most in need of them. In turn, they will pray for us for they are grateful for all the help we could extend to them. They knew the trials and sufferings of this earthly life, and in their charity, they help us with their prayers, so that we may stand firm, “fight a good fight of faith” and remain faithful to our God. They cannot help themselves now, they cannot pray for themselves anymore, but their prayers for us are very powerful and very pleasing to God. Let us show our gratitude to them by our prayers. May they soon enjoy eternal peace and happiness in heaven.

We devote the whole month of November for all our dear departed and all the deceased. You may send us the names of your deceased loved ones and the departed you wish to be remembered in our prayers. You may use the Prayer Request form for this. Of course, we continue to pray for all persons and intentions recommended to us. We also invite you to join us in prayer – you, in your own way, and we, here in the convent. Together we will lift up our hearts to God and offer him our adoration, praise, thanksgiving and petition. Those who hope and trust in him shall not be disappointed!